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What is the best venue in Utah? What is the worst venue in Utah?

The best has been Muse Music in Provo for quite some time, though one of the main people that ran it broke off and created the Velour - (which I am going to go to on St. Pattys) so I am still inbetween on the matter. But, in the past they have had a very grassroots feel and the management has been simply amazing.

The worst is definately In The Venue. The bouncers are nasty, the set up is horrible and often the people who do go to shows there have been very rude.
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The Bayou has excellent ventelation--a big plus in my book. Kilby Court is also nice for the same reason, though the location is a bit out of the way for one without a car. The worst? I don't know about the worst, but a long time ago I went to Bricks (is that The Venue now?) and did not enjoy myself. I was there for dancing rather than a show, and the layout was not helping at all. There were all these different levels and steps and the space was just awkward. Such a thing can be a real problem when you are being buffeted about by a lot of scantily clad hos and bros and flamboyant gay men. It's just not safe:)

Excellent community, by the way. A very good idea.
I haven't been to the Bayou or Kilby Court. I need to make more of an effort to go out to shows.