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6th June 2006

westdesertguy11:41am: Escape The Fate

June, 17 2006 at Captains Quarters
400 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Stutterfly, Vanna, 3

22nd May 2006

thecause10:58am: Folk Punk & Others: Bombs and Beating Hearts Record Release Show

May, 22 2006

Rose Laundry
900e and 300s, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Cost: 0

Bombs and Beating Hearts
Giant Haystacks

28th April 2006

westdesertguy1:59pm: odd project

April, 28 2006 at Club Boom Va
2701 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT 84404
Cost: $10

w/ Fight Paris (Trustkill), Flee The Seen (Facedown Records), Chasing Victory

4th April 2006

thecause4:39pm: free show this friday!
The Adonis

April, 7 2006 at U of U Student Union (outdoors)
Salt Lake City, UTah
Cost: FREE
Time: 10p / 11p
Relay for Life (American Cancer Society benefit) Andrew solo at 10pm, full band at 11pm

a note on the show:

"andrew is still
studying like a madman, but
he's found time to work on 7
new songs and this friday is
a good night to debut them!
we'll be playing outside the
u of u student union (to the
west) for the american cancer
society relay for life. the
show is all-ages and free, but
there will be snacks and
activities and a spot for
donations. andrew will play
a solo set at 10pm and the
full band will play an hour-
long set featuring two brand
new songs at 11pm. wowzers!
i hope everyone can make it
out to support this great
cause. see you soon!"

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21st March 2006

thecause8:19am: Rate Utah Venues. Rate Utah Bands.
I am going to start posting venues in Utah. Please post any venues you have visited along with their location. Feel free to leave comments on what you think of them and then I will tag all these venues and place a link to the tags in the User Info page.

I am also going to start posting bands in Utah. Please post any bands you have seen. Feel free to leave comments on what you think of them and then I will tag all these bands and place a link to the tags in the User Info page.

External links to venues/bands websites and any related websites would be appreciated.

18th March 2006

swiftly_twisted1:20pm: My name is Heather. I'm big into the local scene, especially ska. My boyfriend is the bass player for 2 1/2 white guys, if you happen to know who they are. I think this community is a good idea, and I'll definitely be promoting all the shows I can.

17th March 2006

thecause4:31pm: Free Shows!
I am going to try to make an effort to let everyone know of the free shows as they are often more accessible to fans.
So heres to the effort of free!

Idiocracy 03/17/2006 The Dawg Pound Salt Lake City 9:30 FREE St. Patty's Day Acoustic Jam at: The Dawg Pound (21+) 3550 S. State St. 9:30/NO Cover An acoustic mix of originals and covers with a bunch of beer drinking and Irish ass pinching.

Bombs and Beating Hearts 03/18/2006 Cunningham House Provo 7 Free 41s 300e, Provo, UT 84601,US Saturday March 18 Glacial Ghost, Bombs and Beating Hearts Free Music @ 7:00 Sharp Be Nice! Donate!
thecause2:56am: What is the best venue in Utah? What is the worst venue in Utah?
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thecause2:20am: St. Patty's Weekend Concerts Update.
Week of Friday, March 17, 2006 -- Thursday, March 23, 2006Collapse )
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